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Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive Resources

Kids these days are better with tech than we give them credit for.  It might be new to us, but for this next generation of learners in our classrooms, they have grown up with technology since the day they were born.

Even as a self-proclaimed "tech-savvy" person myself, I was scared to introduce anything too fancy to my little first graders.  I was scared that it would be more trouble to teach them how to use the tech than it would be worth in the learning they would get from it.  I was scared that they wouldn't follow the rules of handling the devices properly.  I was scared to relinquish control.  I'm glad I got over being scared.

Twenty-first century learners have so many different ways to show us evidence of their learning.  Using Google Drive is one avenue that we can lead our students to which will give them an opportunity to show what they know.

Again, I was scared when someone told me I could use Google Drive with my little ones.  Once I got over the scared, I realized that it only takes some effective modeling to give my students what they need to be successful with a Google Drive resource.

I have had so much fun creating resources for students using the technology of Google Drive.  All YOU need as the teacher is the ability to provide your students with a gmail account.  Once you purchase a resource designed for Google Drive, you make a copy and "Share" it with your students.  Teach them to make their own copy, and they will be set to explore and learn.

Check out my Digital Word Work resources in action by watching this video!  Think about how much fun your students would have practicing their typing, clicking and dragging ;)

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Work resources on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Teach your students all about genres and have them log their completed books throughout the school year in this digital book log!

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Log on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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