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Third Grade VS First Grade

This past school year, I was moved from teaching third grade for 2 years... to teaching first grade.

"Oh... you moved to FIRST GRADE? " they said.  "It must be so much easier!" they said.

Yeah.  Right.  About that...

Did you know that first graders don't know how to walk in a straight line?  Did you know that they like to turn the colored tiles on the floor into rocks and the white tiles into lava, and then hop from "rock" to "rock" while walking to lunch? Did you know that they literally have NO FILTER? Did you know that when you ask them what their favorite color is, they respond with a 4 minute story about the time they went on a roller coaster and ate a popsicle two summers ago when they were little?

With that being said, I absolutely ADORE my firsties.  They are amazing little people who I sincerely can't stay mad at for more than 0.2 seconds.  Their eagerness to learn, their excitement for the littlest things, and their innocence has captured my heart and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

But, we all can poke a little fun... riiight?  Here is a collection of my favorite meme's that give a little insight to the difference between first grade and "the older grades."

::approached by student with extreme urgency:: "Michael said hi to someone in the hall so he talked when he wasn't supposed to!"  ..... and your point?  First graders like me to be aware of every single detail of what every single student is doing.  Third graders could kinda care less unless it was actually annoying them on a personal level.

Third graders play it off... they tried to make me think that it just LOOKED like they weren't paying attention.  Then, they give a completely random answer that has nothing to do with what I asked.  Firsties have no poker face.  

Every.  Single.  Story.  "One time... my little sister sjfijsfhasjfsjaf."  

They literally can not sit still.  We bunny hop to the carpet just to get like 10 wiggles out before sitting down again.  I wish I could bottle up their energy 'cuz I'd never need coffee again in my life.

Third graders play it cool when you change something in the room.  First graders like to tell me that I rearranged something or added a new poster or changed seats... like I didn't know about it yet. 

Did you know that first graders get lost REALLY EASILY?  "Take this to the nurse, please"  ::they come back 17 minutes later::

"Does anyone have questions about what you should be doing?" -me.   "Have you ever wondered about the space alien on the moon that makes it light up?"  Uhhhh.....

This.  This doesn't work in first grade.  They just keep talking.  And falling out of their chairs.

First graders don't yet understand that "two wrongs don't make a right."  In fact, they get really confused when you try to explain that to them.

Anyone else make the leap from intermediate to primary?  Let me know what your opinion is on the differences between the two age groups ;)

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