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Top Ten Teacher Must-Haves from Michaels

If you're like me during the summer, there becomes a corner in your house that turns into a catch-all of "stuff" that you collect for your classroom.  Unfortunately, that pile for me has already begun, and it isn't even July yet!

In a recent trip to Michael's, I came across like 100 things that I "needed" for my classroom.  Instead of purchasing them all, I took pictures of them all and picked my top ten faves to share!

1.  Task Card Storage

This is a bunch of cute little boxes inside a bigger box.  Be still my teacher heart... They are the perfect size to fit task cards!  You can differentiate using the colors - assigning students to work on certain colored boxes that you know are already prepped with tasks that are at their level.

2.  Shelving and Drawers

That six drawer silver cart?  Perfect for a Monday-Friday drawer plus a "miscellaneous" drawer for your weekly copies.  The four drawer desktop drawers?  Perfect for your "grade," "copy," "file," and "laminate" papers.  That nine drawer one on the bottom right?  Perfect for all of your desk items if you are like me and got rid of the bulky teacher desk.  Jeez... all of these are just perfection.

3.  Buckets

These would be great in my classroom for storing all of the pillows my firsties use for their reading time... what would you use these for?  Personally, I would FIND a use for them just 'cuz they are so darn colorful.

4.  Chalkboard Banner Flags

Create headers for your bulletin boards or a banner to welcome visitors to your class - what I love about these is that they are chalkboard so you can change it up whenever you want without too much work!

5.  Color Coordinated EVERYTHING


Guys, they have a whole aisle that is organized by color.  And in each colored section are clothespins, banners, more banners, paper decorations, letters... I just love that it all matches!!

6.  Plastic Table Cover Rolls

Forget about spending your hard-earned money on that fade-less paper... you and I both know that you are going to change up your theme and color scheme next year anyway ;)  A whole roll of table covers... easy to cut and cheap, especially if you happen to use a 40% off coupon!!  Plus, look at the fun colors!

7.  Lanterns

I love to turn off the fluorescent overhead lights in my room and use lamp lighting... how fun would this be for a change?!

8.  Letters

I lied when I said I bought nothing and only took pictures.  I got these.  70% off... it was necessary.  I just wanted some fun decor for a shelf, but you could use these for so many things!  You could have your groups A, B, C, D, etc. and hang the letter from the ceiling above the groups.  You could spell your name... for 70% off, it would be affordable.  You could buy the whole darn alphabet for your kindergarten classroom because well... they need to learn the letters and these are cute :-D  You get my point.. so versatile!

9.  Hanging Decor

Add the pom-pom garland to a bulletin board for some extra pizzaz... hang the stars from the ceiling with your group or table numbers attached... (FYI- these were in that aforementioned heaven of a color-coordinated aisle so they come in like 10 colors).  Ahhh matchy-matchy.

10.  Clothespins

I never knew clothespins could come in so many sizes and colors, people! Use 'em for your classroom clip chart... the tiny ones could be used for individual desk clip charts! Write names on them, attach them to a basket and have kids clip their paper before turning it in so you don't have any no-name papers... clip the cute banner flags from the color-coordinated aisle to some twine.  I want clothespins in every color now.

Well, there you have it - my top ten.  There are plenty more awesome things where that came from, trust me.  

In case you were wondering, I have received no compensation of any kind from Michael's - I just am a teacher who loves color-coordinated stuff, bins, drawers, and clothespins (apparently).

Anyone have any good finds from Michael's, too?  I'd love to hear what you bought, or what you are admiring... or I'd love to hear from just anyone who loves this stuff like I do so I don't feel like a crazy-person ;)

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