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I'm Jen - the face behind Cupcakes & Curriculum ;)  I started C&C back in 2012, right after I graduated from college with my teaching degree.  Since then, I have taught 4th grade, 2 years of 3rd grade, and 1 year of 1st grade!  My heart belongs with my firsties - they are so much fun, so I hope I am able to stay in this grade level for many years to come!

I married my best friend on June 27, 2015.  In the first year of our marriage, we not only bought our first house but we also had our handsome little man, Connor.  I am also a lucky step-mama to Ayden and Delanie.
Me & the hubs.

Our little loves!

When I was younger... I had three dream jobs.  I wanted to be a teacher, an interior decorator, and a graphic artist.  If you think about it, I am getting the best of all three worlds as a teacher and teacher-author on TPT!  My favorite products that I have made are my classroom decor packs - the chalkboard one is up in my first grade room right now!  Decorating my classroom, designing the decor packs, and teaching my kiddos seem to fulfill those career dreams I had as a child ;)

When I am not on my Mac making and designing stuff, I love to spend time with my fam and friends, watch Chicago sports, and enjoy a glass or two of Cooper's Hawk wine.

Thanks for visiting and I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I saw on pinterst that you had created a bulletin board that said 'Tech"nically we LOVe readin. It looked like students were texting student response. It looked so creative and interesting however, when I clicked on the link, it said it was unavailable. :( can you provide me with any information on this?