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Classroom Decor

We spend 180 days x (AT LEAST) 8 hours per day in our classrooms.  That is 1,440 hours that we spend.  In our classrooms.  Make it somewhere that you enjoy being... a coordinated and organized classroom is so much easier to enjoy than one that is a hot mess, right?!

Classroom decor is one of my favorite kinds of resources to create and I have a brand new line of decor that I absolutely LOVE.  You get EVERYTHING you could possibly need in this bundle, available on Teachers Pay Teachers, plus the ability to print and re-print forever.  Many of the files are editable so that you can personalize them to fit the needs of YOUR classroom.

Check out the video preview for all that is included in my new Watercolor Decor bundle!

Some parts of the bundle are available for individual
purchase, and some parts are bundle exclusives!

If you decide that WATERCOLOR is going to be your jam this year, email pictures of this decor in your classroom to me at - Anyone who sends pictures will get one item from my store for FREE ($5 or lesser value.)

Happy decorating!!

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